Think Of It As Mandatory Corporate Patriotism

02 Mar

Whenever someone says something like I did yesterday, that the country is heading in a direction where the smart thing to do in many cases is leave, to go work and live someplace else, the reaction is predictable.  Consider the following comment which I received within ten minutes of posting that, and which I didn’t publish for a variety of reasons, mostly because I didn’t want to send a single click over to this distinguished gentleman’s blog:

” Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of America and, by all means, don’t expect to be missed any true American. The more of your who leave or are forced out, the better this country will be.As for some of your assertions – if the eaters and looters rise up, we’ll deal with it and be well of rid of them since the dead don’t demand hand-outs.”

I left his hilarious and ironic typos intact, and I particularly like how he calls poor people “eaters.”  You guys are a bunch of eaters!  Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Sir, I know you think you have a stranglehold on how citizenship works, but you know we’ll be able to come back any time we want, right?  That no one said anything about defecting?  We’re just going to go work elsewhere if the math makes sense – and then still avail ourselves of any of the positive aspects of citizenship that we please.  And PS – Screw You If You Don’t Like It.

See, it’s very interesting to me that this guy is certain that an honor student with an Education degree, a Spanish Language degree, and certification to teach English as a second language, is someone who he thinks of as disposable.  We shouldn’t let the door hit us on the asses when we leave, because that’s how America rolls – love it or leave it, right?

Sure, unless you’re a giant corporation.  People like this guy love to strap on their kneepads and fellate their corporate overlords while humming the national anthem because corporations are so American and patriotic.

But what’s patriotic about needing paid to support your country, when you have a hundred times more than the average citizen?  These corporations tell us time and again that they need tax breaks or there’s nothing they can do but invest their billions of dollars elsewhere.  It’s just economics, they say.  It’s just math.

Sure, but I give you another math problem about a teacher who isn’t willing to work here for mediocre pay and deteriorating benefits, and we’re a couple of commies.  We won’t be missed by any true Americans.

Why the double standard, folks?  Why can corporations just skate on down the river to pad their bottom line, but God forbid any actual humans ought to look at it that way.  God forbid we should point out that in South America, for example, my wife will qualify when she has her Master’s for a job paying $50-60K per year, and that’s in a country where the dollar goes about three times as far.

Why should my wife and I sink into this new American poverty like dinosaurs in a tar pit, when corporations hit the bricks every time the wind blows?  Why are we commies for taking our tiny incomes elsewhere, but God Bless The American Corporations, for grudgingly agreeing to stay here, contingent on giant tax cuts.

Which have been in effect for ten years and how’s the economy doing again?  Trickledowntastic?

Why exactly are we still so convinced that giving them tax breaks equals them giving us something in return?  Have you checked out this article from Mother Jones?  It’s all about how the wealthiest people in America have significantly improved their economic positions, and it features startling graphs showing them getting loaded while the rest of us struggle to buy groceries and frown at gas pumps and get told that health insurance is for closers – put some numbers on the board, ya deadbeats!

I can’t be clear enough about this.  We’ve been giving these pricks incentives to “invest in America” for ten years.  Toward the end of it, the economy crashed, so we handed them what?  Six hundred billion dollars?

And then suddenly it’s me who isn’t patriotic?  It’s my wife who ought to be so proud to be an American that she’s willing to work for peanuts?

Follow my logic here.  We give them a three or four percent tax cut, hoping that they’ll spend it here, and after ten years of that, we’re broke and they’re rich. 

How about we stop asking?  How about we stop trying to motivate them to sprinkle their money around, and instead simply take the money.  Yoink.

Sure, I doubt that’s a good long-term plan.  Like my friend Christy said, it’s not going to cause our outdated manufacturing base to return from the dead and make it like the fifties again.  But it doesn’t have to.

The money needs re-invested in education and technology, just like the President says, but what I think needs done with the money isn’t even important.  What’s important is where it’s going to come from.

You say it needs to come from the workers and the teachers.  I say, that’s weird, their incomes have been declining for years and the millionaires are getting richer.  Their incomes are increasing. 

You call it socialism, I call it Mandatory Corporate Patriotism.  I’m all for giving them tax cuts again a few years down the road, and we can do that whether it works or not.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, it doesn’t work?

It’s not working now, not for anyone except them. 

We’ve been kissing their corporate asses for ten years (actually a lot longer than that) and it isn’t working.  The definition of crazy would be to keep trying the same thing.

Let’s try the opposite.  Let’s tax the shit out of them, see what happens.  If it’s really a ghost town and all the corporations leave and for some reason we miss them, well gee, how hard would it be to turn the tax cuts back on?  Come on back in, boys!

Hmmm.  Try taking the money from them, as opposed to hoping they’ll give us some of it.

What the hell is so crazy about that?



4 responses to “Think Of It As Mandatory Corporate Patriotism

  1. Brian

    March 3, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Good post Tom. But it doesn’t really matter what you think, after all, you don’t live in the sticks and own a tractor. Sarah tells us that people like you are not True Americans.

  2. Lynette Benton

    March 3, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    The typos say it all. Oh, and his hostility. That, too.

  3. bex

    March 4, 2011 at 1:44 am

    love this Tom.

    that comment was…i guess it speaks for itself.
    makes me laugh to think that someone thinks you should leave your country and totally ignore that you could retain your citizenship and all the rights that go along with it, including your voting rights and right to free expression, so you could still write all you wanted about the state of these things.

    taxing corporations fairly “the s**t out of them” is fair, is the only sane course of action. people have a right to live.


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