Blogging The Yeti On Syfy

12 Dec

Our story begins in 1972 at 17000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains.  Three mountain climbers are hiking around in the snow, with guns and lanterns, the way you used to back then, apparently.  They find a nice, flat-floored cave which a small town could find shelter in, and inside it, something growls at them.  Hmm.

They wonder what it could be.  Oh, there it is, albino Chewbacca, making a strange monster movie appearance just two minutes into the film.  Ooops, there’s a ripped-apart hiker, and there’s a close up of the Yeti, and he doesn’t look much like Chewbacca at all.  He looks more like the gremlin on the wing in the old Twilight Zone movie.

Then, in the future, an arrogant athlete is chatting up a woman on a plane, and it’s my guess she’s some kind of Bigfoot scientist.  Ah, apparently the whole football team is flying over the Himalayas.  So I guess, the movie assumes that the story of the Yeti is best told from the sporadic travel experiences of white people.  Weird.

The girl who I thought was a Bigfoot scientist is apparently a journalist – I should have guessed that.  Either that or she’s the arrogant athlete’s girlfriend.  They’re not being clear.  Okay, no, looks like she’s just the football player’s girl.

Oops, the plane just crashed.  Okay, looks like they’re playing it straight, there’s a football team and some of their hot girlfriends stranded in the Himalayas with a Yeti.  And the coach trapped under something, and it looks like the pilots are dead.   These guys are all freaking out and they don’t even know that in 1972, some other white guys got eaten by a Yeti around here.

Oops, one of the pilots is awake.  He says, man, everything you need like a new radio for instance, is in the tail, which broke off and is about five miles away.   And then all of the sudden, there’s the same Yeti!  Looking rough, a really unattractive fellow.   Just hanging around in the mountains, seething with hate, hankering human sandwiches.  I’ll bet that Yeti right there is going to be a problem for these guys, on their way to get the radio from the tail.

Oh, okay, and now all of the sudden, a couple of these knuckleheads already found the tail.  They try the radio, which is just sitting there by the tail, and the radio doesn’t help them.  Static.  They find some footprints into a familiar cave, and pretty soon, sure enough, hell yes they are getting chased down a cave by the Yeti!

Oh, and the Yeti ate a guy!  Didn’t bite his arm off so much as bite the guy off of his own arm.  The other guy was standing there with the arm, man that is not the way I want to go, no sir.

And then back at camp, the coach just died.  These guys can’t catch a break.

You know, I thought the Yeti would be taller.  Like twice that tall.  This Yeti looks like a guy going to the grocery store at three in the morning.  There’s a weird scene where they’re all hanging out on the plane in chairs, and one of the girls sees the Yeti out the window.  Then later they’re all sitting around outside shivering around a fire again. 

So I guess that would be a critique of the show – it isn’t clear if they are in danger of freezing to death, because half the time they cut to scenes inside the fuselage and it looks pretty snug in there.  

Then they spend a while debating exactly why the movie has to take place.  We can’t hike out of here cause we’re in the Himalayas!  You ain’t the football captain here, Bub!  And one of the guys fell in a hole or something, I think he’s the guy who ended up holding on to that severed arm when the Yeti ate that guy.  He broke his foot or something, and he’s dragging it around in the snow, not getting eaten.  The Yeti’s complicated I guess.

Then pretty soon there’s a scene where they catch a bunny and eat it, and you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that it’s not a direct reference to the time Bugs Bunny made a wrong turn at Albuqurque, and ran afoul of who again?  

That’s right, the Abonimable Snowman.  The Yeti.  

Then they’re back in the safe, warm fuselage with blankets and all that.  But this one guy has gone totally bonkers.  He’s like, We Have To Eat The Dead!  It’s the only way to survive!

I think they’ve been gone for two days, and ate a rabbit.  This guy’s demanding they eat the dead people like it sounds tasty or something.   He’s pretty abominable.   In fact, now there’s a dead body missing, and right away, everybody’s like, “You hid that guy so you can eat him later!”

He was pretty excitied, pretty fast about eating people.  I’d kind of be eyeballing him, too, if there was a dead guy missing.  Weren’t you just talking about eating dead guys, Charlie?

I forgot to tell you that planet Earth has dispatched exactly two rescuers on skis to save the passengers, and they were almost there but now a Yeti found them.

I don’t want to give anything away.  The Yeti pulls out a guys heart and shows it to him while it’s still beating, and then he steps on some girl’s head.  It kind of blows up.  It’s a gritty, visceral Yeti movie.  Some pretty hard decisions get made.

Like when the Yeti kidnaps one of the girls, they instantly realize it’s “suicide to go after her now!  We have to wait for first light!”

Still, no one else thought to make a Yeti movie, so that makes this the best Yeti movie ever, so that means five stars.  Doesn’t look like it has a website, so there’s no way for you to check.


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6 responses to “Blogging The Yeti On Syfy

  1. shawn

    December 12, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Was the rabbit’s name George? Because that’s probably why the Abdominal Snowman was angry. All he wanted to do was hug him and pet him and squeeze him. It’s classic Yeti psychology. Angry, kill/eat all humans, missing pet disorder.

  2. ecossie possie

    December 13, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Wasnt there a movie made or a tv movie the Hendersons an Bigfoot wich was also a weekly show?Yup am pretty sure there was.But the Yeti / Bigfoot was an Adorable Snowman…

  3. ecossie possie

    December 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Oh an I seen a Hammer Horror film with Peter Cushing Christpher Lee ect with a Yeti.Dr Who even had them invadeing London Underdround back in the black an white tv days…

  4. Mel

    December 13, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    My husband and I saw this movie over the weekend. What can I tell you, SyFy really has some weird scenario writers… not to mention D or F list cast…

    What’s with the plane going to Japan but instead of going via SF, LA and west it apparently goes east over Europe and China – so it hits Himalayas – and Yeti? Oh yeah, without this there wouldn’t be a movie…

    What are a bunch of No Name State College football players doing going to Japan anyway? It’s not like american football is popular there…

    Then there’s the scene when they crashed, plane split in half and you can see fires around the plane on the wings. What the idiots are worrying about – how to START a fire – ahem, plenty of fires outside but I guess they had to do the piss contest on who can start the fire using many matches and alcohol…

    And Yeti first being said to be 12 feet tall and over a 1000 lbs and what you get is a 6 ft wanna be blood thirsty monster. Not to mention how it first looks like it can barely walk properly chasing them and then manages to leaps all over… Must’ve had some global warming so he shrunk.

    And what’s with the survivors not getting any frost bites – as far as I know it had to have been at least -20, 30 there and yet they look very cozy in just a hoodie and no real jackets…

  5. ecossie possie

    December 14, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Mel it was a movie not a fly on the wall reality show.An American Football isnt popular anywhere outside of America..Now baseball is big in Japan an huge in Cuba..


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