Friday Feedback Roundup (II)

11 Dec

Well, by far the most common bit of feedback I’ve received his week was along the lines of, hey Tom, how about giving us a little warning before dropping eight hundred words of crazy in the spot where you are usually cracking wise.  I guess I was thinking, that’s what the title yesterday was all about – The Scary Doll In The Basement Dream

Interestingly, I really wasn’t aware how dark and horrifying and disturbing that one was – I thought I was being kind of funny when I wrote it, almost like a Tim Burton kind of thing.  Then I read it again a few hours later, and frightened myself.  I’ll try to give you all a little more warning the next time I’m going to do something like that.

The post I thought might actually generate the most feedback was The Facebook Cartoon Conspiracy, but I think by the time I posted it, there wasn’t much to talk about.  In hindsight, I’m really glad no one wanted to argue about that one, because that was about the extent of what I think could possibly be said on the subject, except Go Go Rach, who provided an excellent comment about exactly what sort of good she thought the cartoon character profile pictures actually did.  Go on over and check it out.

Speaking of Go Go Rach, she has her own blog, which has a sign on the door reading “Offensive Material Past This Point!” or something like that, and my friends, that sign is for real.  Especially if you’re easily offended.  But she has a great post going right now about her dark odyssey through her serious addictions and the places it took her rival my scary doll in the basement.  Go on over and check her out, but I’m serious – don’t go over there and get all shocked by her subject matter or her language or her hat or anything else.

A lot of folks like the one about the number of stars in the sky, and I’m sure glad no astronomers showed up to contest any of it, because all I would have done is run away. 

You know, I’ll be honest with you here, there isn’t a lot of feedback to go through, it’s just that it’s Friday, and I’m usually pretty slammed on Fridays, so I’ve got about ten minutes to post.  That usually means phoning it in, so here we are.

I’ll tell you something that happened to me last night though, a word of warning for you all – I had a serious Christmas Cookie Incident.

See my daughters make Christmas cookies from scratch, and there are a lot of tasty varieties, so what happened was, I ate something like twenty of them right before bed.  They were delicious right down to the twentieth one, and I had no regrets until I woke up at about one in the morning feeling like they’d been tequila shots instead of cookies.

Apparently, you can get a pretty serious cookie hangover if you put up the kinds of numbers I was putting up last night.  I guess the sugar thickens your blood into a thick syrup, and then it has a hard time gettting through your veins, and also because of the enormous dinner I’d eaten before that, there was some kind of an issue with water getting through and thinning the blood out.

I felt like my skull was going to crack open.  I had to get up, take a hot shower, and eventually drive out to the drug store to get some Aleve at three in the morning.  Easily, worst hangover I’ve had in years, and it was from cookies.  I’m hard core, man.

Now, I am going to run out the clock on this post and then go home and eat spaghetti and NO COOKIES and I’m going to watch a monster movie, and tomorrow I promise not to phone this thing in so obviously.   I actually promise not to phone it in at all, and I’ll try to keep it light and funny instead of viscerally terrifying and profoundly disturbing, because I’m not crazy about getting referred to shrinks when I didn’t ask, you know?

Oh, there actually is something going on kind of cool – I posted another phone-in type of post months back called My Inevitable Monkey Sidekick, and it was about what kind of monkey sidekick I’d like to have and how I would like him to dress and behave.  Really, not a lot of depth to that one.

Well, apparently, a handful of guys in Japan think that’s pretty funny, because I’m getting three or four hits a day linking in from Google Translate – here’s the link – where I can see my page in the Japanese characters they’ve had it translated to.  That’s definitely something I like to see – go on over and check it out.

There you have it – see everybody tomorrow.


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5 responses to “Friday Feedback Roundup (II)

  1. Kimberly Kinrade

    December 11, 2010 at 12:34 am

    haha sorry bout the shrink reference. I’m sure you don’t really need one. And actually that was my favorite post of the week. Probably says something about MY need for that shrink eh?
    (I’m practicing my Canadian for when my BF gets here!!)

    And I TOTALLY agree about GoGoRach. She is an awesome friend. I love her. Check her out with an open mind and embrace the crazy awesomeness! 🙂

    • Tom Chalfant

      December 11, 2010 at 3:36 pm

      Aw, no worries Kimberly, I think I really do need to put up a “No Shrink Referrals, No Exceptions” sign.

      And nobody’s saying I don’t need one…

      I do like that post up there as well, it just sort of comes out of the wacky blue, and it’s not very wacky is it?

  2. Go-Go Rach

    December 11, 2010 at 6:20 am

    HOLY SHIZNET! I got tears in me eyes. I AM NOT JOKIN.’ Tom, I am humbled and honored that you have linked me in your post. YOU, MY FRIEND, are an amazing, interesting and intelligent writer who I AM THRILLED TO HAVE MET through the *AWESOME* lady above. Yes, my blog is offensive, rude, *in your face,* but frankly, SOME ONE has GOT to say *IT.* Why not me?

    The internet is one amazing *GIFT* from the “gods,” or whomever or whatever is out there, bringing us all together.



    • Tom Chalfant

      December 11, 2010 at 3:39 pm

      You have a great big sign up on the door over there Rach so I can’t see how anyone can get TOO offended. And the door works both ways, anyway, yes?

      Aw, that’s a bunch of nice stuff to say! Thanks Rach!

      • Go-Go Rach

        December 19, 2010 at 4:58 am

        You deserve every nice word I’ve said about you here, plus many more! I love coming over here to read your work! You always make me laugh!

        Have a GREAT rest of your weekend, Tom!



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