Suddenly, My Book Existed

11 Nov

It was just like that, too. I knew it was coming, but everything up to this point had dragged on for a while or at least it seemed to, so when they said a couple more weeks, I was thinking December 1.  Then it showed up out of nowhere on my front porch, and my youngest daughter found it, and she called me up on the telephone freaking out.

So that actually puts me a little behind schedule, from where I meant to be upon the release of the book.  I’ll have to figure out how to make a static page here on the blog for just the book, and I’ll have to write several commercial-type blogs and then carpet bomb the Internet with them, and then decide if I’m doing book signings or what. 

First things first – the book exists and it’s now available – right here at this link.

That link is directly to the Author House website, so although you can pick the book up on as well, it’s cheaper to go straight to the source.  Cheaper by about three bucks, and I think Amazon keeps a bigger chunk, too, God bless ’em.

A few people have asked if it’s coming out in E-Book form, which it is.  I think that will be another week or so before it’s set up, and I also think that means you can download it to your Kindle.  I’ll put more information up about Kindle formats as I figure it out.

It’s a far different feeling holding the book in your hands versus reading the blog.  I don’t think I was ready for it.  If you buy the book, and kill a decent evening reading it, grinning, then it’s done its job.  Facebook and Twitter can only do so much – grassroots word-of-mouth can really move this thing around, so I appreciate all the support I’ve been getting over on the Facebook page.

You’ll see me blitzing online for the next couple of months.   I have a few amusing ideas in mind for blog posts that are really commercials for the book, and also I’ll be posting links to the blog all over the place.  If it even occurs to you for a second, please feel free to post a link as well.

A lot of people are asking about book signings, too – and I imagine I’ll do a couple of those, but I haven’t made any specific plans to yet, and frankly that seems totally surreal.  I’m a little bit concerned my head will explode, doing that.  The sort of thing much like receiving that first copy of the book, that I’ve been picturing in my head for most of my life. The reality of receiving the book turned out to beat the daydream – I assume a book signing would be the same way.

So again, thanks to everybody who has been following the blog and talking about it and supporting it.  I’ve never felt anything quite like the really deep appreciation I have for all of you guys.  This thing could have dropped into the mud like a brick, utterly ignored, and that’s exactly what I was afraid of and it’s exactly what a lot of people expected, but it didn’t happen.  We dragged this book into existence and it seems to me that we had a pretty good time doing it.

See now, I’m getting all choked up.

So the next thing to do aside from marketing the book, is to start putting out the next one.  I think I need to sell five hundred copies of this one to get where I need to be to put the next one out, so if you ask me, all of you ought to buy a thousand and one copies, that way you can build a little fort out of the first thousand, and then you can climb on inside and read the other one.

The next one is going to be a novel, and I haven’t decided which novel to put out first.  I can either put out The Monkey Trap or the first of five small, serial paperbacks I’m going to release, comprising my gargantuan crime novel Pleasant Moon.  You can find excerpts of either of those in the book The Curse of Future Tom, and if you were one of the hundred or so people who read some of Pleasant Moon on the initial fiction blog I started before The Curse of Future Tom, then you’ll be glad to know that the excerpts in my newly released book are much longer.

I’ll be starting Facebook pages for both of those books, and you’ll be able to join them and keep up on what’s happening with the development of those novels as they move on through the process.

I’m pretty overwhelmed right now.  Again, thank you everybody for getting me this far, and again, if you want me to sign it, just email me and we’ll see if we can figure out a time when we can get together and do that, preferably in some kind of bar.

PS – The book is studiously non-political, so if you’ve been offended by any of my angry, partisan rants, I thought you should know that mostly the book includes humorous pieces and fiction.  The novel excerpts all get a little dark – violence, foul language, etc. – so that’s something to know before you hand a copy to your grandma.

I’ll bet your grandma can handle it though.


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4 responses to “Suddenly, My Book Existed

  1. Kami

    November 11, 2010 at 12:48 am

    I know for a fact our grandma would have been able to handle it, and I really wish she was here for this. xo

  2. ecossie possie

    November 11, 2010 at 1:37 am

    Now you have another child….Break a leg….

    • thomaschalfant

      November 12, 2010 at 11:04 am

      Thank you sir! This one was easy compared to the rest of the children though…


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