Revenge Of The Question Bucket

30 Aug

Yes, it is very important that I carefully select a television show to write about.  First, it gives me a topic once or twice a week, and it’s a topic total strangers will show up to read about.  This gives my friends a break – you guys carried the entire blog for a long time, and I imagine that makes you feel tired and bloggy.  Take a load off, that was super cool of you.

Last time I selected Persons Unknown because it was a puzzle show like LOST.  It was an all right show and the end was wide open, few questions answered, but it was clear that it thought it was going to get renewed.  The end isn’t just ambiguous – it’s pretty much called Introduction to Chapter Two.

It didn’t get renewed – in fact almost nobody watched it – so we aren’t likely to see Chapter 2.  I’m not sure we had the appetite as a society for another weird puzzle show after LOST.  A lot of people would see me out and about and grab me and shake me and demand to know why I was writing about it at all. 

Anyway, for a really unpopular show, writing about it generated quite a bit of traffic, and we like traffic, it’s good for selling books later this year. 

By far the most popular show I’ve written about was LOST, but I figured the blog thing out way too late.  The thing I wrote about LOST which skyrocketed was written after the whole show was over, meaning that cow stopped a’ milkin’ pretty quick.  That’s bad work, Tommy C.

So I asked the People of Facebook which shows they liked and thought I should write about. So far, five responses. 

I used to utilize a digital Question Bucket that everybody ignored and instead Facebooked their questions anyway.  Or  they’d grab me in person and shake me and scream their questions at me in a bar or on the street.

Or, they’d use the Question Bucket, but they’d use it for threats or insults or accusations.  Hanging right there next to the Threat Bucket and the Insult/Accusation Bucket.  What’s wrong with people?

I guess the world has moved on from buckets.  It’s a damn shame.

So Sharon and Deirdre suggested Boardwalk Empire, which looks like a really cool show, but unfortunately I turned off HBO a couple of months ago, in an attempt to rationalize more frequent use of On Demand (it worked, I feel super duper about it).

The only thing I miss about HBO is Bill Maher, but on the other hand Marilyn hates Bill Maher, would run him down if he were crossing the street in front of her.  She doesn’t hate things very quietly, either, so I can live without Bill Maher since it also means living without that particular ball of Spouse Hate.

The only other problem I can see with Boardwalk Empire is it looks like it might be too serious and realistic.  I don’t see any time machines or monsters or cowboys, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to sing or dance.  I maybe should have mentioned these requirements along with my Facebook request.

I suppose I could have HBO turned back on – it’s not very hard.  I just say, “Bethany, can you call the cable company and tell them to turn HBO back on?”  Takes like ten seconds.

So maybe I’ll do that.  But I’m still looking for suggestions. 

Then there was Kellena, who suggested I blog Glenn Beck.  That’s a damn good idea, he looks a little bit like a time-traveling cowboy.  I think I might do that tonight.  But not every day – that would be a different kind of blog.  Some kind of  Glenn Beck blog – we’ll see how that goes. 

The key is to pick a show that’s new, though, and follow it as it builds a fan base.  Then when people get on board and go online to google it, they find me.  Go ahead and sing that last word.


So anyway all that makes Boardwalk Empire look perfect, now that I think about it.  What I liked about Persons Unknown was I got on it from episode one, so I got to kind of track the normal reaction to the show as it unfolded.  I’m going to go over and read some more about it and try to talk myself into turning HBO back on.

Oh holy Christmas.  It’s Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter, a Sopranos writer.  That’s good news for people who want me to watch it but bad news for people who want me to write about it.  What am I going to say every week, wow that was freaking awesome again?

And if I don’t like it then suddenly it’s Tom Vs. Martin Scorsese – no thank you.

Rob and Ken both say Fringe, which makes roughly fifty people who’ve told me to watch Fringe.  But man, that’s the same crew brought me LOST – I’m having a hard time with that.  LOST really screwed me up, relationship-wise.  I’m not sure how long it will be before I can trust those guys again.

I’m leaning that way right now though – Rob says that not only is there some kind of time machine, they sing and dance one episode.  He said that like it’s a bad thing – I don’t even know who he is anymore.

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