One Hundred Posts In One Hundred Days

22 Jul

Here, hold my puppy dog and and this bucket of chicken and my Sprite for a second, while I get my old time-traveling trombone down from wherever I put it in the fifth grade, when the music department finally acknowledged that I was tone deaf and let me bang cymbals together for the last year of band.

Brrrooooommmmp.  Honk.  Bwwwoooooorrrrrrrmp.

That’s me blowing my own horn, see.  The reason I’m doing that is I just posted a hundred blog posts in a hundred days, and I’m pretty excited about that.  I’m going to go ahead and toot this thing for most of today, so if that’s not the sort of thing you like to read, you might want to go ahead and skedaddle.

Here’s what I like the most about writing this blog:  it’s working.

It’s doing exactly what it was supposed to do.  Very few things do that, you know.  Like the old saying goes, do you know how to make God laugh?

You make a plan.

Not this time.  The Curse of Future Tom was designed to do two things – establish my identity as a writer for the purposes of selling a book later this year, and to force myself to write every day, producing, crafting, improving.

It’s very true that I had no real idea where I’d go with this thing, and it’s also true that I figured from the beginning I had about a fifty percent chance of falling on my face. 

Instead, this thing is working like I never imagined. 

By far the most popular post has been my rant about LOST.  And also, for better or worse, the most popular type of post has been similar rants – the really angry kind, about evil corporations or racists or people who are jerks to the bartender.

And by far the least popular have been longer pieces, about ghost hamsters for instance.  That part I didn’t expect – I loved the ghost hamster.  Perhaps if you were all as interested in me (MEEE!!)  as I am, you would have eaten that up. 

Yes, I know you didn’t read it – hardly anybody read it.  Now either start feeling bad, or get over there and read it.  And like it, too – that part’s key.  It’s not going to do any good if you all go over there and read it and then snort and ridicule me and start busting the place up.

Show some class, blogosphere.

Anyway, I’ll tell you my top three favorite posts, and I’ll tell you why.  I would love it if you would post down there what your favorites have been so far, but you guys never do things like that.  I’m just going to go ahead and guilt trip/excuse you in advance, for ignoring that request.

My favorite so far was Checks You Can’t Cash.  It’s simple, it’s funny, you don’t have to know me or remember me to think it’s funny, and it’s also true.  That’s exactly what happened that day.

And I also like Night Side – not because I think it was an entertaining or appropriate topic to publicly blog about, but more because it was so therapeutic.  Old Tommy C’s got a few issues, you know what I mean?

And then I liked The Time Traveler Proves It.  Wacky fiction starring my daughter and myself.

But most of those were pretty well received.  A lot of people read them and liked them, and they were all pretty early on.  I developed a lot of confidence from just those three, all posted with a bit of reluctance – I had no idea how they’d be received.

After a hundred days of posting something every day, the most interesting thing to me is how many people show up everyday to browse around, as opposed to a single chunk of folks following the same Facebook link each day.

Now people come from all over the place, and usually twenty or thirty different posts a day get accessed, some of them only once, some of them hundreds of times. 

I love that idea, people turning up and reading a few entries – many of them people I don’t know, who stop to drop an enouraging word in the comment box.

Haven’t seen any hate mail since a couple of weeks after LOST.

That’s good – the hate mail was really giving me the creeps.  Reminded me of Ray Finkle in Ace Ventura, with his room full of Dan Marino photos – Laces Out!

The Curse Of Future Tom has been such a success – again, yes, toooot, toooooot – that I went ahead and changed the name of the book I’ve got coming out this year.  It seemed crazy to call it anything but The Curse Of Future Tom, given the fact that it had a little name recognition already.

And also it gave me an excuse to drop in some of my favorite posts, along with the unpublished work from Half Crazy.

But here at the Hundred Day mark, I feel like maybe I’ve got some folks convinced I’m serious about this whole thing.  It has been anything but easy, you know.

So now I’m going to go all PBS on you, and ask you to please pick your own favorite from the last hundred days, and either post it on Facebook as a link or Tweet the link, or both.  If everyone does that, I’ll probably double or triple my circulation, and I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but that’s the idea here.

Or, alternatively, I could go through my friend list and start posting links on everyone’s pages myself – don’t think I won’t.  That sort of brazen, self-absorbed craziness is just a flask of whiskey away.

And that’s plenty – let me put this horn away and then possibly get a little choked up as I point out, this wouldn’t be going on without all of you out there reading it.

I want to again thank all my friends and my family, and also the total strangers, who stumbled across my writing, and stuck around to read it.  I don’t think I was the only one who thought I was going to fall embarassingly right on my face with this thing – I’m very grateful to all of you who proved them wrong.

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